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Uu ni mwana wenyu Nzioka Waita, mutongoi mwailu mbee wa ala angi onthe mekwitya kula sya Ngavana wa Masaku 2022.

Nzioka Siwadie Waita is a Kenyan advocate who served as the 2nd Chief of Staff of Kenya’s State House and Head of President’s Delivery Unit since 5 January 2018 …

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Mivango ya uthukuma

Our Action Plans: The 6 Point Agenda.

Interactions with the residents of Machakos led to the development of an agenda that will address their immediate needs that are clustered around health, education, water, markets, an enabling business environment for job creation and investment attraction, and ward level development.

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Kwakwa na kwambatwa ndeve kwa masivitali ma Level 2 na kutwikithwa Level 3; Ndawa masivitalini maitu


Construction of Level 2 to 3 hospitals; Availability of drugs in all hospitals


Kwakwa kwa ilasi sya mwambiio sya ECD.


Construction of ECD Classrooms and Village Polytechnics.


Kuvaniiya nzia sya kunyaiikya kiwu.


Availability of water through dams, pans and boreholes and distribution/ reticulation.


Kwailwa kwa masoko na undu matonya kuvikiika.


Markets and markets access.


Wailu (withianu) wa viasala.


Best for business.

Ward Development

Maeendeo iwangoni sya Ward.


Working closely with MCAs, ensure that there is development at the ward level.

What the people of
Machakos want

Waita Na Suluhu

News and Events

Nzioka Waita launches plan that will eradicate poverty in Machakos County

Chama Cha Uzalendo Party Leader and Governor Candidate for Machakos County Nzioka Waita has launched his manifesto
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Machakos Matatu Owners Association (MAMOA) Endorses #WaitaNaSuluhu

Nzioka Waita's Gubernatorial campaign received a huge boost with the resounding endorsement of #WaitaNaSuluhu by the members of the MACHAKOS...
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Nzioka Waita on his Agenda for Machakos County

Healthcare Is In A Sorry State In Machakos County And I Want The Job Of Fixing It
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President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Chief of Staff reflects on Uhuru’s legacy

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s investments in infrastructural development have set the country on the trajectory for growth. They are investments that...
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State House Chief of Staff Nzioka Waita loves Gengetone and believes Trio Mio is the future

Locally I can't get enough of Genge; I love this kijana Trio; I just think he is the future of...
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Reasons to Support


Strong Plan for The People of Masaku

The 6 Point Agenda developed around the needs of the people of Machakos is well thought out and executable.


Excellent Track Record of Delivering Results for Wananchi

As the second Chief of Staff of the President of the Republic of Kenya and Head of Delivery, the candidate saw through to execution a number of mwananchi-centered development programmes and projects across the country.


Masaku Mbee: Captain, Leader

A strategic thinker who works well with all stakeholders, the candidate has an eye for detail and systematically follows-through his plans all the way to successful execution.


People Driven Cause

Masaku Mbee is an initiative driven by the people of Machakos who have come together to agitate for a development centric leader in the upcoming elections. You will therefore be joining or supporting a winning team.

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